About Us

We are Christine Williams in Wales UK and Kathie Miller in Oregon USA two close friends who live a great distance apart. We met in 2000 on a trip to St. Kilda, a small archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. It was for both of us the fulfilment of a dream to see Soay Sheep in their native environment. We both keep Soay Sheep which are registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Christine also keeps RBST registered Boreray Sheep and we are both dedicated to the maintenance of a wide genetic base for our flocks which reflects the animals which live feral on St. Kilda. We continue to make visits to St. Kilda, our fourth visit was August 2008.

Over the years we have each accumulated large libraries of books and materials about St. Kilda and the sheep that live there. We have visited the archives of the National Trust for Scotland on two occasions where we were welcomed and given every help possible with our research. We have also visited other flocks of Soay and Boreray from one end of the UK to the other and talked in depth with the keepers of these sheep. We are developing this website to enable us to share our findings with other people who are interested in the origins of these remarkable sheep.

We have gained information about these two breeds from many sources and are constantly researching their history or anything connected with them. If any visitors to our website feel that they have information to share with us we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Christine  and  Kathie

Christine in Museum on Hirta Kathie on Hirta overlooking Soay Island
Christine in Museum on Hirta
Christine Williams  (UK) Kathie Miller (USA)
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