Maps of St. Kilda


                                                  Great Britain


St. Kilda on the horizon
 St. Kilda, Dun, Hirta, Boreray and Soay on the western horizon


The St. Kilda Archipelago (an extinct off shore volcano) consists of four islands and a number of stacs and is the most westerly part of the British Isles . It is 41 miles from Benbecula in the Outer Herbrides, 110 miles from mainland Scotland and its closest neighbor to the west is America. 


St. Kilda on the horizon
Levenish   Dun              Hirta            Soay                                  Boreray      Stac  an Armin


                                        Mathieson map of St. Kilda


St. Kilda or Hirta and adjacent Islands and Stacs

In 1927 retired Ordnance Survey officer, John Mathieson, assisted by a young geologist Alexander Cockburn spent five months exploring and surveying the islands of St. Kilda. The above map is the result of that effort. It was published in 1928

Reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland